Faites la conaissance des coachs technologiques de Mistral


Pico Lantini  

Pico Lantini joined Sirris in 2006 as manager of the Mistral corporate strategy consulting programme. His experience in high tech companies (space and defence) and his education (he holds a Master’s degree from the Solvay Business School) give him the theoretical and hands-on knowledge in business strategy to share with the Belgian technology-intensive companies he serves. [LinkedIn]


Pascal Pollet  

Pascal Pollet is a senior consultant at Sirris helping companies to develop a technology and production strategy. He gained many years of experience at major companies in the product development and production departments before he started working at Sirris in 2005. He received his degree in electrical engineering from the University of Ghent in 1995. [LinkedIn]


Wim Codenie  

Wim Codenie is Program coordinator Software Engineering at Sirris. He graduated from the VUB in 1988 where he was involved in research on object-oriented frameworks and self reflection in object-oriented programming languages. He has a strong ICT background and currently advices companies about improving their software product development capabilities. His specific interests include product variability; agile software development and innovation management in software development. He has set up several research initiatives at the national and European level on these topics. [LinkedIn]


Vladimir Blagojevic  

As a technology innovation advisor at Sirris, Vladimir works closely with management of software and ICT companies on clarifying their R&D challenges and innovation goals, and coaches them in creation of innovative product concepts and R&D road-maps. In his previous career, he worked on development of software products, and on transitioning of software teams to professional product organizations. [LinkedIn]


Peter Verhasselt  

Peter Verhasselt is since 2005 active at Sirris as Account manager Sirris Brussels and Technology strategy consultant. Before he worked in R&D project management, European sales and European service management for different middle-sized companies. He holds degrees in Electromechanical engineering (VUB, ‘89), Industrial management (KUL), Economics (FUSL) and Law (VUB). He is particularly interested in the leverage of strategic market and technology focus for start-ups and other high-growth potential companies. [LinkedIn]


Bart Neels  

Bart Neels is senior management-consultant in Business Organization and Change Management, he joined Sirris in 2000. Since 1988, he has been supporting a vast number of both large and small companies to innovate their activities. Besides his background in Electro-Mechanics and Industrial Engineering, he is very focused on the human dynamics that will allow real progress to take place [LinkedIn]


Jan Kempenaers  

As a member of the Business Development and Innovation Department at Sirris Jan Kempenaers is actively involved in creating strategic partnerships, setting up multidisciplinary projects for customers and developing new offerings, such as technological strategies. Over the years he has built up significant management experience, having held several positions at and in close cooperation with Sirris, all of which concerning innovation of business processes, strategies and product development. Jan holds a degree in electromechanical engineering and executive MBA. [LinkedIn]


Jeroen Deleu  

Jeroen Deleu is member of the executive board of Sirris, the collective centre of the Belgian technology industry and director of Sirris Brussels. He holds degrees in science as well as business administration and started up the Software Engineering Group at Sirris. He has a broad research background as well as industrial experience in the domains of hardware & software product development, business process reengineering, collaborative engineering and product lifecycle management. His current activities are oriented towards technology transfer and innovation strategy for software intensive product builders. In that context he is also involved in several international initiatives concerning the introduction of open business models and agility in organizations. [LinkedIn]


Francis Decasteau   As project leader by Sirris, Francis Decasteau has more than 25 years experience in the areas of product development, environmental design, manufacturing and technology strategy , both in research and in service to enterprises.
He holds a master’s degree in electromechanical engineering from Engineering Faculty of Mons since 1982 and a complementary master in management from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management since 2000.